The company "YotaRoyal" produces metal soldiers in the format of 40 mm.

In addition, we produce historical models for figures of the same format and use clay, stone, felt, wood and other materials as auxiliary materials.

We worked on the project at different times:

  • Scientific consultants-Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Roin Metreveli and Head of the Historical Department of the "House of Bagrationi" Iosif Bichikashvili
  • Artist of sketches of figures ("soldiers") "Iota Royal" - Tamila Kraveishvili
  • Sculptors of wax figures-Dmitry Volkovich, David Shulgin
  • Jewelry works (casting and processing of figures) - Jaba Laperti, Ashot Nazaryan
  • Mixed works - David Gelashvili
  • Woodwork - Gennady Basilashvili, Levan Chokuri
  • Glina - Jeannette Burnadze
  • Felt - Anastasia Kajaya, Ana Sopromadze
  • Light - Vissarion Gogoladze, Akaki Chavleishvili
  • Original music - David Toidze
  • Computer Support - Maria Merabishvili and Anna Eyramjian
  • Photos-Maka Batiashvili, Maya Deisadze, Yuri Mechitov, Sergo Edisherashvili, Georgy Demetrashvili, Nick Arutyunov

The company's activities are carried out with the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia and Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi, Ilia II

Grigory K. Robakidze, Founder, coordinator and Head of Yota Royal

Video & audio about "YotaRoyal" (in georgian & russian):

Press conference before opening Galereya Royal, the Agency"Pirveli".

Live coverage from the opening of "Gallery YotaRoyal" on the channel of the Patriarchate of Georgia "Ertsulovneba".

10 July 2015, the direct inclusion in the program "Imedi Morning" with the opening of the "Yota Royal Galerry".

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The fragment a press-conferences before opening of the gallery on "the First channel".

The guest gallery of the Patriarchate TV "Ertsulovneba ("Unanimity")".

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Guest gallery Studio"Mir".

Live at "Obiektivi".

Guest gallery studio "Mir".

"Rustavi-2" in "Yota Royal".

"Yota Royal" on "Radio Imedi".

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TBILISI. MEDIA about "Yota Royal Gallery".

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Gallery "Yota Royal" in the new year transfer "Quiriace" on the channel of Georgian Patriarchate "Unanimity".

Guest Yota Royal journalist of the "Private correspondent" Danara Kurmanova.

Гость "Йота Роял" интернет-издание "Pepper".

"Yota Royal" to "TV-Imedi"

Live broadcast in the morning air from the gallery "Yota Royal" on the first channel.

Yota Royal tin soldiers

The visit of the Royal Family to the gallery.

Gallery "Yota Royal" on RUPTLY.

The story about the "Yota Royal" gallery in the program "Утро России" on the TV channel "Россия-2" (from 41 minutes).

The story about the gallery "Yota Royal" on the Kazakh TV channel "Khabar 24".

Interview with the magazine "Russian Club".

Yota Royal Commercial.

Easter greetings Yota Royal and Kopali Studios.

"We apologize that the stories are so far only in the Georgian language and sometimes on Russian language, but videos give better visual information about us than the photo. With respect G.K.R."

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