About the tin soldiers all of us can remember many interesting stories; according to the Genius Russian scientist Pavlov`s words “... the collection – is a school of will, reflex of goals and has a great vital importance.”

It should be noted that the brothers Maurice and William of Orange exactly by using of the silver soldiers set up on a table socalled Dutch order of battle, thanks to which later the Dutch army repeatedly for several times defeated the Spaniards and brought this small country’s independence.In the history of mankind since the Egyptian pharaohs there was no one significant civilization which could ignore the toy soldiers, and it was impossible - very unfortunate, however, many competitors converge in a tragic view that human history is largely a history of the warriors.

Suvorov and Goethe, France and Stevenson, Doill and Uellse, Churchill and imagine himself Malcolm Forbes - here is a short list of people who spend most of their lives dedicating to “soldiers mania”; Ludovic XIII in France a great gossip on the 300 silver infantry soldiers “overshadowed” only Napoleon’s step (move), who has gifted his son 117 gold soldiers, however before the XVIII century, when Nurnberg master of tin affairs of Johan Gottfield Hilbert began the production of Friedrich the Great and his Guardsmen made the “Soldiers mania” available for people, such hobby was a “fun” for only for the aristocrats.

Three-dimensional “alive” soldiers were released for the first time in France in the XVIII century, but their “Golden Age” had become come only 100 years later – the British Entrepreneur William Britain discovered a new method of soldiers casting, who reduced the production costs in a half and set a new toy standard – the infantryman soldier - from the stand to an eye level should be 54 mm; this standard to this day is one of the most popular and it runs many large manufacturers and single artists.

This standard nowadays is one of the most popular ones and according to which runs many large manufacturers and single artists.

Once the tin soldiers of German company “Heyde” successfully compete with the British tin armies, however the Heyde” factory in Dresden, was bombed by an Allied air force, and bottling machines and shapes forms destroyed, the attempts of representatives of “Heyde`s” family to rebuild the traditional family business, was prevented by the GDR authorities...

“The British Tin Army” won the tin and it can be said that William Britain’s best-known brand nowadays. The severe blow made to tin soldiers by the massive spread of plastic figures, these figures are produced by a great number of Asian countries. Thus, among the low-priced children’s toys soldiers still became precious to entertain “adults”.

In our time, the Trading Figures choice of tin (now the figures are poured from a lot of alloys) is so vast, that only Forbes can collect all of them - James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Einstein and Darwin, the football club “Liverpool” and band “The Beatles”, that’s kind of incomplete figures produced today, but orthodox, as collectors say, tin soldiers should image only the soldier.

As the cheapest, but the most defective soldiers are deemed an American company Blue Box-’s products, eight soldiers set to buy for US $ 16 possible, for comparison William Britain’s also eight soldiers set costs 79 pounds and 99 pence in London.

In Russia, at the Arbat jewelry stores in spite of the rather wide assortment, you may buy Stalin, Brezhnev and other politicians miniature figures, but as the city of dreams “Soldiers fans” are still considered London, New York and Melbourne.

40 mm

The production of 40 mm standard tin soldiers has began in a different places of Europe in the 60`s of the XX century, and firstly the metal (TSAM) soldiers were enclosed in chocolate eggs - Kinder Surprise. It should be noted that the first two series portrayed ballerinas and a cowboy, these series are the most expensive nowadays and their purchase is rather difficult, but strangely enough, it does not have to be, in spite of flawless skills of Henry Roth (Swiss author of Kinder Surprise’s models) and children’s favorite delicacies popularity, as the most valuable figures are still to be considered two series of the native sultans (11 figures) Balaban Gida Ulker (TOTO) - of 40 mm standard. Because of their rareness; it also also rare “Maraiah” pirates series and others.

It should be noted that the 1972 - 1974 period – launched chocolate eggs and tin soldiers “tandem”, which has made happy the millions of small and large (!) fans with its diverse products. In 1998 it stopped its existence because of certain circumstances, the consideration of which we will not continue now. At present, there are fifteen to twenty companies and a single master works making in compliance with 40 mm standard; here we offer you a list of these companies, and detailed information about their products you can receive in the office of Yota Royal Co.:

1. "Brave soldiers";

2. "Bronze collection";

3. "The seventh thumbnail";

4. "Kinder surprise";

5. "West air";

6. "Soldiers Publius";

7. "Miniature five-fingered";

8. "Niena Studio";

9. "A Studio Chronicle";

10. "Artel-master";

11. "Brabant studio";

12. "Yota Royal" and others.

These listed brands of products (at this moment 1111 soldiers) is almost fully represented (some rare series acquisition takes a time) at a Yota Royal layout, as for this or that company’s soldiers, at our office there are made all the conditions for buying them.

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