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The Gallery "Château de Pierrefonds" - first model

The YOTA ROYAL Diorama

Duke Ludovico Orleans in 1392 received as a gift from his brother, King Carl (Charles) VI a castle- Chateau de Pierrefonds and Touraine Duchy; Chateau de Pierrefonds, who in XII century presented an just a fortified fort, became part of the county of Louis Valois and in 1396 began its full upgrade - the reconstruction. Architect is unknown for sure, maybe it was Raymond du Temple; later, Jean Le Noir led the construction to the supervision of the royal architect Jean Obel; after the murder of Ludovico of Orleans (1407), in an early rule of Ludovico XIII’s Chateau de Pierrefonds belonged to Francois-Hannibal d’estres (brother of wonderful Gabriel d ‘estres ) which joined the “dissatisfied (the protesters) party and, because of which in March 1617 Cardinal Richelieu sent the troops to Prince of Conde in order to destruct the castle-hall, but only because of the scale of the building and the there were burned only the outside fortifications and roofs.

Chateau de Pierrefonds was considered as the best example of the art fortifications of his era; in addition, according to the Alexander Duma`s father’s brilliant trilogy, Porthos chose as his “Fatherland” exactly Pierrefonds, future Baron du Vallon de Brassie de Pierrefonds after he married with the prosecutor’s widow, Mrs. Koknar, exactly these two circumstances actually led to our step to create an exact copy of this 40 mm wonderful Castle-Hall for our soldiers collection.

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Zugdidi Dadiani Palace (about our new layout)

Zugdidi Dadiani Palace

The residence of Mingrelian princes - the rulers of the town Zugdidi began in the times of Levan II Dadiani. This was reported by Archangelo Lamberti,Chardin,Christopher Castell,Prince Vakhushti.

Zugdidi Dadiani Palace was built in the XIX century,before that here was the Palace of the sister of the ruler of Megrelia Pupi.

The complex consists of palaces Megrelia Princess Ekaterina Chavchavadze-Dadiani and Prince Niko Dadiani,court Church of our lady of Wlaker and broken Dadiani Botanical garden.

The Palace of the Princess is the creation of German architect Edviga rice and its facade is made in the likeness of the Tudor Palace in England, the Palace is Nico worked the Russian architect Leonid Vasiliev; preserved the names of other foreign artists who participated in the construction of Jacob "Tatars", Hamas Hassan Oglu, Theodore the Greek, and others; it should be noted as well that the Palace is decorated with balcony with balcony with unique carved ceiling; to create a five-meter mosaic made out of 10,000 wooden parts, and about 50,000 of handmade ornaments (trees of different species were processed in a special honey) the Princess according to the legend invited Lasie the best masters; on the creation of the Botanical garden was created by the best horticulturists of Europe-Joseph Babin and Gaetano and Giovanni Zamberletti; the garden with its beautiful swimming pool, built with its southern side and coffee brought from Istanbul, carved gates, its unique beauty and peculiarity.

To the North-East of the Palace is the Church court, her construction took place in the years 1825-1830. In 1855 the Church was damaged by the Turks, but on the instruction of Princess Chavchavadze it was restored.

Today Zugdidi Dadiani Palace is a Museum; the Museum here was founded in 1921 on the basis of the vault of a treasure-house of Antiques of the ruler of Megrelia, David Dadiani Levanovich and brought from churches and monasteries of Mengrelia Georgian icons and other works of art and goldsmith and other crafts; the Museum has made a special contribution Akaki Chanturia (1881-1941); special attention deserve the collection of weapons and firearms, as local production, brought together from all over the world and imported from France by the Prince Ashil Murat(1847-1895), the husband of Salome, daughter of David Dadiani, works of art.


The Time Portal

Fans of our humble creativity know that the gallery of the military historical miniatures "Yota Royal" they have the opportunity, along with other exhibits to see here one of the best collections of toy soldiers standard 40 mm. in the world.

"3 Musketeers" and "The Mysterious island", "Game of thrones" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Golden compass" and "Alien", "The Hobbit" and "The Vikings" - this is an incomplete list of literary works and movies, stories of which were used during the project.

"The Time Portal" 5 different modes of lighting that is in harmony with the commentary and the original soundtrack brings the visitor into the fantastic world and together with all of the above guest gallery meets the unique metal products (the term "Tin soldier" is obsolete and now we work mainly bronze and brass), whose number is constantly growing.

Listen to the sounds of "Time Portal".

Mini-layout "Jerusalem"

Mini-layout "Jerusalem"

Mini-layout "Jerusalem", an organic part of the main layout of the gallery "Yota Royal" "Portal of time" (2.213 figures 40 mm. standard). Mini layout created based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita" and Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of heaven".

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