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All our products by this time (2015.07.12.), situated on the layout of the Palace of Dadiani.

David IV the Agmashenebeli (the Builder) (1089 -1125), the King of Georgia ("King of the Abkhazians, Georgians, Rans, Kakheti and Armenians, Shervansha and Shahansha").

Gurandukht, Saint David's Wife, the Daughter of Atraka Sharaghanisdze, the Prince of Qipchaks, the Queen of Georgia.

George Chkondideli-Mtsignobartukhutsesi, Primary among Vazirs; was in charge of "the Ruling of the Kingdom and Palace". King's closest advisors.

Amirspasalar, Vazir of the United Georgia; the Commander in Chief.

Ioane, Catholicos-Patriarch of the first quarter of XII century.


Charles I (19 November, 1600 - 30 January, 1649, London) - the King of England, Scotland and Ireland since 27 March, 1625, from the Stuart dynasty. His policy of absolutism and religious reforms caused rebellion in Scotland, Ireland and Englan and the Revolution. During the Civil War CharlesI was defeated, then he was brought to justice and executed in London,on January 30 1649.

Louis XVI Bourbon (23 August, 1754, Versailles - 21 January, 1793, Paris) - King of France from Bourbon dynasty, the son of Dauphin Louis Ferdinand, ascended the throne after his grandfather, Louis XV, in 1774. During his reign after the convening the States General (1789), the Great French Revolution began. At the beginning, Louis adopted the Constitution of 1791 year, has refused absolutism and became a constitutional monarch; however, he hesitantly went against the radical steps of revolutionaries and even tried to escape the country. On September 21 1792, he was overthrown, next he was handed over to the Court of Convention and then he was executed on the guillotine.

After the overthrow, the Republican government stripped of the title Louis XVI and conferred him the surname of his ancestor Hugo Capet, in compliance with name of Capetian dynasty founder, whose branch the Bourbon dynasty presents.

Nicholay II Alexandrovich Romanov (18 May1868, Tsarskoye Selo - July 17 1918, Yekaterinburg) - Emperor of All Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland, the Russian Emperor (October 20 (November 1), 1894 - March 2, 1917.) from Romanov Imperial family; Colonel (1892); in addition, he was granted honorary ranks of the Admiral of Fleet (May 28, 1908) and the Feld-Marshall of the British Army (18 December 1915) by the British Monarchs.

Nicholas II abdicated during the February Revolution in 1917 and was under house arrest together with his family in Tsarskoye Selo Palace. In summer 1917, by the decision of the Interim government, he was taken with his family to Tobolsk. In spring, 1918 the family was displaced by the the Bolsheviks in Yekaterinburg, where he was shot along with his family in July1918.


The coachwith six horses, and a charioteer toratora and the monument to Louis of Orleans.

Parnavaz I (302-237 BC, there are other versions) - the first king of Iberia, thanks to an Alliance with the ruler of Colchis, the first Cujem United Georgia; according to the "Life of Georgia", created the Georgian alphabet, held a series of administrative reforms, built Armasescu fortress, circled by a fence Mtskheta, founded the dynasty of Panavision; wife - girl Durdzuk, her heir to the throne of Saurmag I.

Mirian III, king of Kartli in the fourth century, a contemporary of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine (306-337) and king of Armenia Trdat (287-330). In the beginning of the reign fought against the Romans along with the Iranians; it was also at war with Tiridates, to attach bordering on Armenia's southern regions; the wife - the daughter of the commander pantoskopa Nana. During the reign of king Mirian to Georgia to preach Christianity, Saint Nina came; in 337 Christianity in Kartli was declared the state religion.

Vakhtang I Gorgasali (approximately 40-new years century V-502) - king of Kartli, politician, commander. "Gorgasali" (Pers. Wolf Head) the nickname he had given one emblazoned on the helmet of a wolf. Canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church. Remembrance day - December 13. Ascended the throne at the age of 15, reigned for 45 years, founder of Tbilisi, diplomat and soldier, his wife Queen Elena, daughter of the first Leon, heir to the Prince Garden. Vakhtang Gorgasali died in his sixtieth year in Kartli, derived from treacherous arrows shot wounds.

George V the Brilliant (1286-1346) - king of Georgia in 1314-1346, the son of Dmytro Selfless. Restored integrity of Georgia put an end to the Mongol yoke, has created model legislation and restored Georgian monasteries in Jerusalem and on mount Sinai, become eligible for Georgians to go to Jerusalem; thanks to his active relations with the Italian trading stations on the black sea coast, the Pope postponed a missionary center from Smyrna to Tbilisi. For strengthening of the Georgian Kingdom, the descendants of George was given the title of "Brilliant".

Erekle II (November 7, 1720, Telavi - January 11, 1788, ibid.) - in 1744-1762, the king of Kakheti, in 1762-1788 years king of Kartl-Kakheti, the son of Teimuraz II. Enemies dubbed him "Free Lion"; has held many successful battles against the Iranians, Osman and tribes of the North Caucasus; several times severely defeated the Turks (Aspindza, Khertvisi fortress), together with the Russian army liberated them from Yerevan, Ganja, Karabakh and Nakhichevan; as a result of negotiations with Irakli Catherine II, on 24 July 1783 between Russia and the Kingdom of Kartl-Kakheti was signed "Friendship Treaty", "Treaty of Georgievsk". After a brutal defeat in Krtsanisi battle, received many wounds, the king died in the same room Telavi Royal castle, where 78 years ago came to light presumably from heart failure; people affectionately called him "Little Key". King Irakli was married three times and supposedly had 24 children.

Georgian Kings. Bronze

Queen Tamara, Tamara the Great (1160-1213 may 1210 or 1207) - the monarch of Georgia in 1184, daughter of George III, the representative of the Royal dynasty Bagrationi. Tamara had a chance to reign in the Golden era of Georgia and it was a very successful ruler. Had the title: "King of kings and Queen of Queens of Abkhazians, Georgians, Runs, Cahow and Armenians, Shirvan and Shahansha and autocratic mistress of all the East and West". The chronicler says of her: "the Greatness of this world and of the faith, sent by the Messiah.

After the collapse of a failed marriage with the son of Grand Prince of Suzdal, Andrei Bogolyubsky Yuri, Queen a second time entered into marriage with a representative of the Ossetian branch of the Bagrationi David Soslan, which gave birth to boy - George IV Lasha, king of Georgia in 1213 and girl Rusudan, Queen of Georgia in 1223.

From the era of the reign of Tamar the great of particular note is the battle in Shamkori(1195) and Basiani(1203); during the reign of the Queen of economic and cultural development in the country has reached unprecedented heights. Tamara the Great died in the fortress "Agar", which is near Tbilisi because of a severe illness; the Queen was buried in Gelati, but with regard to its disposal there are many mysterious legends.

Queen Tamar was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church, days of remembrance on May 14 and January 31.

Queen Tamara. Bronze

7 Georgian kings

Data Tutashkhia - hero of the novel by Chabua Amirejibi, bandit, fighting for justice.

From the series "Gocha and Khvicha", the characters in the novel Unarmed (Kondrat Davidovich, Tatarashvili) "Mamluk".

"Bronze - brass". Created "Yota Royal" to 10 may 2016 18 figures.
Clay. Panther and leopard.

Vazha-Pshavela (real name Luka Pavlovich, Razikashvili; July 14, 1861, Chargali, present-day Dusheti municipality - July 27, 1915, Tbilisi) is a Georgian literature classic, poet, writer.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (real name Dzhugashvili), 6 [18] Dec 1878 (according to the official version 9 [21] in December 1879), Gori, Georgia - March 5, 1953, Volyn, Kuntsevo district, Moscow oblast, RSFSR, USSR.
Georgian revolutionary, Soviet politician, statesman, military and party leader, Generalissimo of the Soviet Union (1945). Since the late 1920's-early 1930's until his death, Stalin was the leader of the Soviet state.
Produced in "Yota Royal", Georgia. Standard 40 mm. Bronze.

Shota Rustaveli ( *approximately 1160/65 - ? ) - poet and thinker of the XIIth century, author of the world famous poem "the knight in the Panther's skin". Classic Georgian and world literature.
Bronze. Standard 40 mm. Made in Yota Royal, Georgia.
A wax model of Davit Shulgini . Casting and machining - Ashot Nazaryan.

The first Russian-Georgian project in the production of toy soldiers standard 40 mm.
"Five-fingered foundry" & "Yota Royal"

Cersei Lannister from the series "Players", bronze. The series is created in the story fantasying the cult series "Game of thrones".

Bagrat III (960 - 7 may 1014) king of United Georgia (978 - 7 may 1014). The representative of the surname of Bagrationi. 22 Dec 2016 the Georgian Orthodox Church of Bagrat III was canonized.

Petr Ivanovich Bagration (29 June (July 10), 1765, Tbilisi - 12 (24) September 1812, the village of SIMA Vladimir province) - a Russian General of infantry, chief of the life guards Chasseurs regiment, the commander of the 2nd Western army at the beginning of the Patriotic war of 1812. The Pupil Alexander Suvorov.

The first in Transcaucasia company military-historical miniatures for 2 years 25 figures.

Kaikhosro (Kakutsa) Cholokashvili (July 14, 1888, Matan, Tbilisi province - 1930, July 27, Pass, France) was a Georgian military figure, Colonel. He was Deputy Minister of defence of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. The national hero of Georgia.

Parsman II Valiant - Son of Hamazasp I. a Powerful King of Iberia, whose courage and bravery was called Valiant. He reigned approximately 120-170 years.

Aeëtes - mythical king of ancient Colchis (in some versions, a real historical figure).

The "Georgian Kings"
Georgia country of ancient history and rich culture; the history of the Georgian monarchy originates in the ancient era and is interrupted only in the XIX century...
Surrounded by numerous enemies of the Kingdom of Georgia occupies a worthy place in world history as an important Outpost of Christianity in the East.
This series includes eleven of the most important Kings and Queens (Paravisini and Bagrationi) of Georgia:
1. King Aeëtes (Colchis);
2. Parnavaz I (Iberia);
3. Parsman II Valiant (Iberia);
4. Mirian III (Kartli);
5. Vakhtang I Gorgasali (Kartli);
6. Bagrat III;
7. David IV the Builder;
8. Guranduht (wife of David);
9. Queen Tamara, Tamara The Great;
10. George V Brilliant;
11. Heraclius II.

"The Georgians"
The leaders of the Georgian culture was always distinguished by originality and high spirituality, but Georgian soldiers and generals - some with courage and others with foresight. The Georgian writers and poets, political and religious figures, military and literary characters dedicated to this series, which presents:
1. Amirspasalar (commander of the armed forces of Georgia);
2. George Chkondideli;
3. The Catholicos John;
4. Shota Rustaveli;
5. Peter Bagration;
6. Hwicha;
7. Gocha;
8. Vazha Pshavela;
9. Date Tutashhia;
10. Kaikhosro, Cholokashvili;
11. Joseph Stalin.

Yota Royal - 23. 01. 2018.

A series of "Georgians".
Boxes-wood (elm, willow), interior decoration - Burgundy velvet, metal lock and door hinges, description of the series on the company's branded paper.

A series of "Georgian Kings".
Boxes-wood (elm, willow), interior decoration - Burgundy velvet, metal lock and door hinges, description of the series on the company's branded paper.

Box for three figures.
Wood - pine, willow; finish - red velvet; description of figures in three languages on branded paper.

Attention! The company manufactures exclusive boxes for any number of our figures. Negotiable price.

Variety of boxes for figures "Yota Royal".

"Master and Margarita"

The set is based on the novel of the same name by Mikhail Bulgakov.

The first part of the set includes 5 figures:
1. Voland
2. Azazello.
3. Phagot
4. Cat Behemoth
5. Hella

"Georgians in Byzantium."

The second half of the X century. Byzantium.
The son of the Emperor Roman II (959-963) from the Macedonian dynasty and Empress Feofano, Emperor Vasily II at the age of 16 ascends the throne.
Soon, a rebellion broke out against the young emperor, led by Warda Sklir. The Empress Feofano, the actual ruler of the Empire, seeks help from David III Bagrationi, ruler of Tao. The monk Tornike, formerly David`sCommander and Eristavi visits him. David III sends to the aid of Emperor Vasily an army of 12,000 selected Georgians, led by Salavari Georgik and the monk Tornike. Since the roads are controlled by the rebels, it must be assumed that some Georgians are transported to Byzantium through the Black Sea. In 979, on the banks of the Galis River (now Kizil-Irmak, Turkey), the combined forces defeat Varde Sklir.
As a result of the victory, Emperor Vasily II retains the throne and, as a sign of gratitude to David III, favors the high title of Kurapalat and significant land holdings.
A little later, the monk Tornike was appointed the first first assistant to the patriarch, as well as 1,200 pounds of gold were awarded for the construction of the Georgian monastery on Mount Athos.

The set included three equestrian figures:
1. David III the Great Kurapalat
2. Tornike Eristavi
3. Spasalari Georgik

"Book heroes". Part one.

The documentary memory of mankind was born when our distant ancestor first drew a mammoth on the wall of the cave with coal. This was followed by hieroglyphs,signs, letters, then came ink and parchment, ballpoint pen and paper, keyboard and monitor. No matter how our civilization developed and no matter what bizarre form writing took, the book was, is and will be the first guardian and conductor of human thought.
The first part of the set "Book heroes" includes two real-life people and one fictional literary character. They were chosen according to the prevailing opinion about them.
Fantasy, mystification, good, innocent fiction-this is what unites Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Baron von Munchausen, Giuseppe Giovanni Batista Vincenzo Pietro Antonio Matteo Franco Balsamo, count Cagliostro and Lemuel Gulliver, a surgeon and then the captain of several ships, whose figures made up the first part of the set.

Our fortieth anniversary figure of the Prophet David the Psalmist, King of Israel.

The figure is dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the founding of the company Yota Royal.

The set "The Republic of Sakartvelo - 1918-1921"

1. Kaikhosro (Kakutsa) Iosifovich Cholokashvili (1888. 14. 07. - 1930. 27. 07.) - Georgian military leader, Colonel, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Sakartvelo. In 1922-1924, he led a partisan movement against the Soviet occupation. National hero of the country.

2. Georgy Ivanovich Mazniashvili (1870. 06. 04. - 1937. 08. 09.) - national Hero of Sakartvelo, Georgian general, military commander of the Democratic Republic of Sakartvelo. Knight of the Order of St. George. Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Imperial Army.

3. Georgy Ivanovich Kvinitadze, real name Chikovani (1874. 21. 08. - 1970. 07. 08.) - Georgian Major General, Commander-in-Chief of the Kartuli army during the Soviet-Kartuli War, head of the Tbilisi military School.

4. Maria (Maro) Konstantinovna Makashvili (1902. 25. 08. - 1921. 19. 02) - the first national heroine of the country, who voluntarily went to the front as a nurse. She was killed in battles with the Soviet army on the outskirts of Tbilisi.

"The Master and Margarita"

The set is based on the novel of the same name by Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov.

The second part of the set included 5 figures:
1. Yeshua Ha-Nozri
2. Pontius Pilate
3. Levi Matthew
4. Ivan Homeless
5. Professor Stravinsky

"The Master and Margarita", full set.

Niko Pirosmani

Nikoloz (Niko) Pirosmanashvili (Niko Pirosmani; born April 5, 1862 in the village of Mirzaani - died in 1918 in Tbilisi) - Georgian self-taught primitive artist, one of the greatest masters of this direction.

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